February 14, 2022 @ 11:00 am
The Sidney and Pauline Friedman Jewish Community Center
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March 21

Dr. Sheldon Spear
“The Advent of the Superhero”

March 28

Dr. Richard Abramowitz

“Hydrogen Fusion: Energy of the Future” Special Zoom presentation with Michel Claesens

Dr. Claessens is the author of the book: ITER: The Giant Fusion Reactor. He will be zoomed in live from France.

*Recently, the Men’s Club was made aware of an important news story about Energy Production. At the Lawrence Livermore National Ignition Facility, scientists used 100’s of Lasers to create Hydrogen fusion with a positive energy output. This made national headlines as it was the first time that more energy was obtained than had been used to create the reaction. Few of us were aware of ITER, the largest cooperative international project in the world being built in Cadarache France outside of Marseille to help solve the technical problems of Hydrogen Fusion. It is being built and supported by most of the major countries in the world. (China, the EU, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the US). Hydrogen fusion promises to become the most disruptive technology created in our time to produce unlimited energy from Hydrogen derived primarily from seawater…Enough energy to power the world for 1000 years. The men’s club has invited the author of Iter: A Giant Fusion Reactor and previously the Head of Communications and External Relations at ITER to discuss the ITER project, its history and promise for mankind. Anyone interested in Science will want to hear about this amazing machine destined to change the course of mankind. Join us at the JCC via Zoom for this presentation.

All are welcome to come to the Men’s Club to hear the speakers. Women. Men, Friends, and Family.

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