2021 Annual Campaign ``HELP US GROW STRONGER``

The Jewish Community Alliance of Northeastern Pennsylvania (JCA) aims to engage and involve every member of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Jewish community. Our Annual Campaign is the most significant way to make a difference in Jewish lives here in our community.

Your gift allows us to offer quality Jewish Holiday programming, bring the Israel Scouts to our JCC Day Camp, support our families in need of scholarships for the JCC Day camp, fund the VAAD HaKashrut, support the Food Pantry and care for our seniors and those in need. To us, you are more than a donor, you are an investor in our Jewish future.

January 18, 2021

Dear Friends,

The Jewish Community Alliance of Northeastern Pennsylvania is known as a leader in community building and engagement, a legacy to be proud of today and for future generations.  Your support of the Jewish Community is vitally important and greatly appreciated.   The scope of services we provide is enormous and reaches people from birth through aging, and at all levels of health and economic stability. Your annual financial support strengthens our ability to better serve families and individuals in need.

A seismic shift calls for an unprecedented response.

As our community reels from the extraordinary effects of COVID-19, making a gift through the Jewish Community Alliance of NEPA Annual Campaign has never been more urgent or impactful.

Community needs have increased exponentially.

COVID-19 has hit every corner of our community, on every imaginable and unimaginable level. From food security to the isolation of our most vulnerable, the same community needs exist as in years past, but now they are multiplied many times over because of the pandemic and ongoing uncertainty.

Give like your community depends on it.

Through our ongoing work to address and respond to immediate and changing critical needs, one thing is certain: the hugely disruptive impact of COVID-19 threatens the very essence of our community fabric.

Please act now—to maintain the programs and services that so many rely on, to ensure every community member can engage in Jewish life, and to preserve the cherished vitality of our community.

The most important campaign in our community’s history.

Our efforts to counter the impact of COVID-19 depend on all of us. When you support the community through the Jewish Community Alliance of NEPA Annual Campaign, every gift will go where it is needed most, so it will have the greatest impact.

We are all in this together, can we count on you for your financial support?

Steve Davidowitz
2021 Annual Campaign Chair

Gary Bernstein
Chief Executive Officer