Davidowitz Weaving Room

Are you interested in weaving at the JCC? Want a tallis? How about a new tallis bag? How about weaving matzah and afikomen bags for Passover? You can also weave a beautiful scarf or table cloth.

The JCC of Wyoming Valley is the only Center in the US that (we know of) to have a weaving program. Created in 1966, the program provides members at a discount, and non-members with the opportunity to weave heirloom garments for their family and friends – or even for themselves. You do not have to know how to weave or even be someone who has done creative handiwork in the past. The Loom Room staff will guide you through the process. With our help, you can weave.

Don’t miss your chance to participate in the ancient art of Tallis weaving.

Questions or want to sign up? Call the JCC 570-824-4646 and ask for Barbara, if she is not there please leave a message and she will get back to you with answers.

Lois Rittenberg finished her tallis today, she will be back next week to start another!

A finished gift, requested by a granddaughter for use in her dolly carriage. Marilyn is now on her next project!

Marilyn Kass weaving her grandson’s blanket on a table loom and Asher wearing it! Happy weaver, happy hand woven blanket recipient.  In addition to weaving heirloom tallitot and other religious items, looms are available for scarves, blankets, placemats, etc. Stop by the Davidowitz Weaving Room and explore all the options.

Suzy Weiss, corners and Attarah done, ready to start weaving her Tallis. There will be stripes representing members of her family. We have one available loom if you want to start a Tallis!

A new weaver, a new scarf!

Two happy weavers wearing their just completed scarves!

A new Tallis, just off the loom!

Laney Ufberg is working on a Tallis for her oldest grandson who will have his bar mitzvah in December in Israel! We currently have a loom available for weaving a tallis. Call Barbara Sugarman at  570-824-4646 extension 210.

Lois Rittenberg’s completely finished tallis and bag!

Barbara Shaffer’s finished clasped weft pillow. What a successful and beautiful project!

Meral’s lovely subtle colors showcased the work in  her first scarf.

A lovely shawl completed for Marilyn’s daughter. Won’t this be great for those cool summer evenings!

Sandy finished her first scarf, beautiful! Now on to the second!

Handwoven scarf number 2 for Sandie!

Leslie Weiss came up from Philadelphia to weave a Tallis for her Grandson. This is the second time she has woven with us. Another beautiful project!

Another beautiful scarf created by Sandy Lefkowitz

Lois Rittenberg finished her scarf out of beautiful Malabrigo wool from Gosh Yarn It. More wool scarves in her future!

Barbara Meyers finished 2 Tallis for her daughter’s 2024 wedding. One will be part of the chuppa and her soon to be son-in-law will wear the other.

Cheerful cotton place mats woven by Marilyn Kass. A scarf is next on her project list.

Two scarves fresh off the looms! Lois and Marilyn  both did such a beautiful job!!

Barbara Meyers is almost done weaving her ninth consecutive Tallis!

Lois is wearing the latest talis she wove. We don’t often get a picture of a talis after the finished work is completed, but. Jackie brought it in and she’s pictured with Lois. Both ladies did a beautiful job!

Beautiful scarf #8 for Sandie Lefkowitz (soon to be on it’s way to Canada), scarf #9 is in progress!

Throw, Pinch, Beat, Change Feet – Paula Chaiken
Please enjoy Paula’s experience while making her tallis.

Please share your weaving experiences and pictures of your tallis that we can share on our web page.

Please send to Barbara at b.sugarman@nepajca.org