Lisa De Domenico

Yoga Instructor

Hello! I am Lisa De Domenico. Yoga inspires me mentally, spiritually, and physically. Yoga also gives me a sense of inner calm and a compassionate view of people in my life and my community. My 40-year career as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner has been rewarding and challenging. My nursing experiences continue to teach me the value of compassion for others and self. I have practiced yoga for the past 11 years. I hope to continue care giving by teaching the healing practice of yoga to students interested in easing their minds and bodies from the challenges and stresses of daily life. My training background and teaching style focus on guiding students of all levels of abilities through a safe practice and empowering the student to know that they can create their own yoga practice off the mat. My goals are to share how both Yin and Yang style yoga poses benefit the body and mind, to adapt poses to make the benefits of the poses safe and accessible to all students and to allow students to explore their personal yoga goals and intentions through awareness of breath and the exploration of mobility, strength and flexibility. My hope is that students step off their mat feeling nourished, balanced and connected with themselves.